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St. George’s Day Celebration & Scouts Own Sunday 26th April 2015

22 Apr 2015

St. George’s Day Celebration and Scouts Own 2015.
The Parade and Scouts Own will be held on Sunday 26th April 2015.

The parade will start in ASTLEY PARK in front of ASTLEY HALL and groups must be ready to march off by 2.00 p.m.

Beavers Friendship Challenge Badge – Help in the Community

21 Apr 2015

Beaver Scouts go all see- through!
For our Friendship challenge badge, we needed to know more about a job that helps our community – so we learned about our Assistant Beaver Leader’s job as a Radiographer in hospital.
We watched a presentation about a day in the life about Buzz and Woody – Woody in particular was doing some very dangerous activities, …

Beavers Scavenger Hunt – Rivington

9 Feb 2015

Beavers Spooky Scavenger Hunt – Rivington
The Beavers went on a combined walk and Scavenger Hunt around Rivington Terraced Gardens as part of their ‘Explore’ badge. Instead of picking things up,  the Leaders decided to do a scavenge for garden features that we could see – at which point a thick ‘pea-souper’ of a fog descended on Rivington. Who’d have thought …

Beavers Bronze Award

1 Dec 2014

Fantastic evening at The Adlington Scout Group AGM / Awards Ceremony on Friday Night. We would like to say a huge thank you all who attended. The night proved to be a great success and well done to the Beavers receiving their Bronze Award and also the two Scouts who received their award shield.

Hogwarts – County Beaver Camp

5 Nov 2014

Beaver Scouts entered the magical world of Harry Potter this weekend at the County Beaver Camp – held at Hogwarts School of Witch Craft and Wizardry! (For those Muggles needing a google reference; Rossall School in Fleetwood provided a suitably impressive venue!)
Presumably Lord Voldemort had been meddling with the weather; Adlington beaver scouts braved an atmospheric charm without so much …

Adlington White Bear Beaver Colony October 2014 Newsletter

24 Oct 2014

A warm welcome from the Leaders to one and all, especially our newest Beavers to join our Colony! We hope you’re enjoying the ride so far, and the Leaders would like to let you know about some upcoming events and activities within the Colony, and also what we’ve achieved so far.
We invested newbie Beavers Harry, Matthew and Katie, also our …

Imagination Badge

14 Oct 2014

The Beaver colony was in full-on creative mode this evening, in an effort to gain their imagination badge! The task for the evening was ‘junk modelling’; and the Beavers used a dizzying array of objects to create some masterpieces: we made robots, volcanoes, cars, hats and all sorts of things using nothing but cardboard, glitter, paint, glue, sellotape and crayons. …

Communicator Badge

2 Oct 2014

This week the Beavers have completed their Communicator Badge :

To achieve this badge they needed to:

Know how to make a phone call.
Know your phone number.
Know how to send an email or text message.
Spell your name in Morse code, semaphore, the phonetic alphabet or using pictures and symbols.
Decode a simple message in Morse code, semaphore, the phonetic alphabet or using pictures …